feat. K. Mehrens and M. Kuck 
Drawings, Sculpture and Mixed Medi@Doublespace: November 29th - December 5th 

Keenan Mehrens and Matt Kuck present Pour [pawr, pohr] verb
to cause to flow rapidly in a steady stream.

Synonyms for pour
cascade, discharge, drain, flood, flow, gush, rush, spew,
spill, splash, stream, swarm, course, crowd, decant,
deluge, drench,emit, inundate, issue, jet, proceed, rain,
roll, run, sheet, shower, sluice,Spout, spring, surge, teem,
throng, cataract, give off, let flow, rill.

Antonyms for pour

trickle, halt, stop, cease, repress, suppress.

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