Doublespace Events and Exhibits

    Doublespace would like to invite you to our 2019 Pop Up Series! This exciting new series takes a curated group of artists separated into six unique pairs and encourages them to collaborate within the confines of a compact, tight-knit, space of just under 100 square feet. Our hope is that this unique challenge will provide an opportunity and platform for Denver creatives to explore new ideas, create new connections and reach an uncommon audience. The 2019 Doublespace Pop Up Series is certain to impress and repeat. Be sure to pop in and say hello, see some of your favorite Denver artists and discover something new. Together, we can begin to stretch the fabric of contemporary art in Denver, Colorado. For general inquiries, please reach out to



feat. K. Mehrens and S. Myers
Kinetic Sculpture, Mixed Media Paintings and Works on Paper
March 29th - April 20th


feat. A. Craven and D. Austin
Mixed Media Paintings and Works on Paper
June 28th - July 6th

Lucid Dream

feat. E. Benschop and M. Phillips
Ceramic Works
July 26th - August 3rd


feat. D. Parks and G. Perez
Photography and Sculpture
August 30th - September 7th

A Rock is a Mountain and We are a River Passing Through

feat. D. Griffith and V. Benschop
Photography and Illustration 
September 27th - October 5th


feat. A. Dolter and C. Gilmore
Textile, Printmaking and Installation Works
August 30th - September 7th


feat. K. Mehrens and M. Kuck
Sculpture and Installation Works
August 30th - September 7th


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                Sept  27th
-                Oct 5th