Déjà vu

feat. A. Dolter and C. Gilmore 
Installation Art, Textile and Printmaking
@Doublespace: October 25th - November 2nd 

Andrea Dolter and Chelsea Gilmore present déjà vu [dey-zhah voo] noun
a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. tedious familiarity. Déjà Vu explores the boundaries of the familiar, the natural, the dream, memory, material, and narrative. Common materials are transformed
in new ways derived from nature and craft creating moments of intimacy, beauty, and wonder. The work is a moment in time frozen- caught
somewhere between the construction or destruction of forms and
unveiling the impermanence and imperfections of all things physical.
There is a sense of familiarity and belonging to this work- the nostalgia of memories never lived and the remembering of forms never seen before.

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