feat. A. Craven and D. Austin
Mixed media paintings, drawings and works on paper June 28th-July 6th

Hey Hue, in collaboration with Doublespace,
presents “Blot,” a duo exhibition featuring
Drew Austin and Angela Craven. The word
“Blot” is both an action and a noun.It has both
negative and positive connotations. It’s shifty,
amorphous, a trickster. “Blot” pairs Austin’s
loose, mixed media  abstractions with  Craven’s
Rorschach-inspired resin/mixed media  on wood 
panels. This exhibition explores conceptions 
of fluidity, the organic movement of lquid material
across a plane, while highlighting humanity’s
need to identify and interpret—our desire to
assign meaning and/or a story—to the abstract,
the ambiguous, the unknowable, the urge to say
“this is that” and tie it up neat and tidy.

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